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Stackable Washer Dryer-Save Space, Time, And Money!

if you live in an apartment or smaller home, or if you just don’t have a lot of space for the typical laundry machines, take a look at a stackable washer dryer. a stackable washer dryer can save space, time, and money.

stackable washer dryer models

there are three different types of stackable washer dryer models. one is called a “laundry center” and has a washer on the bottom, dryer on top, with a space in between to access the washer. this is preferable if you like to have a top loading washing machine. the second is a stackable system that each system one on top of the other with a front loading washer, and controls for the dryer on the bottom edge for easy access. the third type of stackable combo is a “do-it-yourself” option. you place two separate systems (washer and dryer) on top of one another. however, with this type you need to be extremely cautious and careful how they will fit together. the dryer cannot block access to the washer and vice versa.

how much laundry do you do?

the first thing that you need to address when you are looking at a stackable washer dryer is the amount of laundry you will be doing. the amount of laundry you do will result in the size of the stackable washer dryer you purchase. before purchasing a stackable washer dryer, ask yourself: how much laundry is done at a time? how often do i (or whomever will be using the stackable washer dryer) wash clothes? etc.

where will the new machine be located?

you also need to think about where the stackables will be located. some of these machines have to be vented to the outside, while others use condensation drying and don’t vent to the outside. location will also help you to determine the size and measurement restrictions of the machine.

what about performance, efficiency, and cost?

if you are concerned about performance and efficiency, research one of the many online consumer rating sites, and look up the particular model or model(s) of stackable washer dryer that you are looking at. you can choose from gas or electric stackable washer dryer models as well. your purchase will depend on your personal washing and drying needs. what about the cost? if you buy a laundry center or stackable that is already together you may pay anywhere from $800 to $1800 for it. this stackable system will be near the same as you would pay for a separate washer and dryer.

this is a big and important investment, you should spend a little time educating yourself and making yourself familiar with the features and functions that are most important to you before you make a final decision.

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